2015 Programs, Dates, Locations, and Presenters
HOME   Jan. 18 “See Beautiful Tennessee” – A Powerpoint presentation of the 2014 Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

Feb. 15 “Best Propagation Methods for Various Genera” – Moderated by member Jan Spencer. Members will explain their ‘tricks of the trade’ to propagate their favorite plants.

Mar. 21 & 22 “The Gesneriad Kaleidoscope” – A Judged Show & Sale at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. This is the time to show off your growing skills to the public, and fellow members!

Apr. 19 “Growing of Seeds as Project Plants – Part 2, Return of the Seedlings” – presented by member David Harley. Members will bring in their seedlings, that were started in 2014, to pot up and share.

May 17 “Growing Gesneriads Out of Doors” – Member Susan Bradford will share information about those Gesneriads that love to spend the summer outdoors. She will explain which ones are suitable, how to get them ready for their vacation, how to care for them during summer, and what to do at summer’s end. Other members are encouraged to contribute their experiences.

June 14 “How I Grow and Hybridize Streptocarpus” – A presentation by Nancy Braun, a hybridizer and member of the Wisconsin Council of African Violet Clubs in Madison, Wisconsin. She will discuss her “Art” of growing that results in her beautiful plants.

Saturday July 18 (Saturday) “Annual Outing/Picnic” – At the home of Gary Mikita in Portage, Indiana. Join us for a fun day of good food and great companionship (and hopefully good weather!) While there, be sure to take a peek into the infamous ‘Crawlspace’.

Aug. 16 “Pests and Pathogens” – Sooner or later, all of us will have run into problems. Kim Ellson, Educator for the University of Illinois Extension, will acquaint us with some of those that are more likely to be encountered, and how to take care of them.

Sep. 20 “Adopt-A-Species” – As some Gesneriads totter on the brink of extinction, it is imperative that we do all we can to help save them. Each member is requested to select a plant from the listing of those most endangered, to grow it on, and to get seed back into the seed funds. Moderated by Bob Nicholson.

Oct. 18 “Aspects of Water” – Distilled, rainwater, purchased water, chlorine, chloromine, PH, reverse osmosis, etc. In other words, anything to do with the make-up and end-types of water, both good and bad. Presented by Gary Dunlap, owner of Pat’s Pets, and President of Gateway West Chapter of the Gesneriad Society, in the St. Louis, Missouri, area.

Nov. 15 “New Trends in Hybridizing, and Selecting for Characteristics” – A Skype presentation by member and hybridizer Dale Martens. The program will include the current ‘big thing’ in hybridizing, and intergeneric hybrids, a cross of two different genera.

Dec. 13 “Annual Holiday Party” – This is the time that we just get together to enjoy an afternoon of social fun, good food, a spectacular silent auction, a shoulder to cry on while we bemoan our losses, and the opportunity to brag about our successes!

*Indicates that it is not the third Sunday of the month.

Directions to Warrenville Fire Station:  The Fire Station is at 3S472 Batavia Road, Warrenville, Ill.  Entrance is from the rear of the fire station.  The meeting room is on the second floor.  Meetings are generally, but not always, the third Sunday of the month and begin promptly at 12:30.


Streptocarpella Saxorum