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Out of Africa -- Gary S. Mikita
Dave's Violets
Kartus Green Houses
Lauray of Salisbury
Lyndon Lyons Greenhouse
Pat's Pets 636-789-3604
Rob's Violet Barn  
Cape Cod Violetry
Far Reaches Farm
Travis Violets
The Gesneriad Society -- Home of the Gesneriad Society a source of information about gesneriads,  pictures of gesneriad show plants, information about gesneriad growing and caring for gesneriads and all aspects of gesneriad culture.
The Gesneriad Reference Web
The AVSA Web Site
The Illinois African Violet Society
The Gesneriad Conserevation Center of China
Mauro Peixoto's web site
Mauro's Seed List  -- New
Sinningia & Friends  Alan LaVergne's web site All you will ever want to know about Sinningias
D. Alain Chautems -- This site is in French
The Smithsonian Institution's: Gesneriaceae Research, World Checklist. and AnnotatedBibliography,      
Gesneriad Research Center (GRC)
The Genera of Gesneriaceae - Anton Weber and Laurence E. Skog
British Streptocarpus Society
Streptocarpus Lovers Streptocarpus email forum
The Montreal Botanical Garden French & English with a section devoted to gesneriads in French
Chicago Botanic Garden --
Flora of China
LupSanís site on native Malaysian plants
John Clark's Web Site